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Men Of War Trainer 1.17.5 41

The Office of Athletic Trainer Licensure held a Joint Stakeholder Meeting on September 22nd, and the Permanent Rulemaking Hearing on October 1st. The Stakeholder Meeting and Permanent Rulemaking Hearing concern the implementation of House Bill 20-1326 (Endorsements/Creation of an Occupational Credential Portability Program), and Senate Bill 20-102 (Patient Disclosures Regarding Sexual Misconduct).

men of war trainer 1.17.5 41

the university of maryland will use trainer technology to study the impact of trainer technology on officer behavior and decision making by training police officers in virtual scenarios that display the biases and assumptions that shape law enforcement. police decision making is influenced by implicit biases that can shape officer behavior.

the division proposes to revise the existing definition of the term health care entity to include athletic trainers. the term health care entity as currently defined in rule, colorado revised statutes, shall be revised to include athletic trainers, athletic trainers who are teaching students for a non-compensated program, and athletic trainers who are teaching for a compensated program. the division proposes to amend rule 2.6 to reflect the change in the definition of health care entity. in addition, the division proposes to add a new subsection to the existing definition of the term health care entity to include athletic trainers.8 by adding the following:

in addition, each coach is required to have an athletic trainer administer a nutritional screening before the coach begins preparing meals for the student-athletes. the athletic trainer shall be a licensed athletic trainer.


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