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Where To Buy Cardboard Sheets Locally

Sheet mulching with cardboard is an inexpensive way to remove a lawn that does not require chemical application or sheets of plastic. A single layer of cardboard is laid out over the areas of lawn no longer needed. When it eventually breaks down, the cardboard will add carbon back into the soil.

where to buy cardboard sheets locally

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First, cardboard is a generic term that can refer to many types of manufactured paper. The box you see delivered to your front door is more properly called corrugated board or containerboard. It consists of two layers of linerboard sandwiching a layer of accordion-like fluting material. The linerboard is made from sheets of pulp that may be coated to improve smoothness (more about this later). The finished linerboard is laminated using adhesives to both sides of the fluting material.

I just wanted to find out if using cardboard as a weed barrier would work. People everywhere are buried in Amazon boxes. Every order means at least one or two oversized boxes that pile up. Amazon boxes that are easy to tear and fall apart when damp means okay for the soil but for keeping weeds out, not so much.

My largest garden is completely covered with large sheets of cardboard. Anything that is covered with compost is pretty much decompsed, the stuff that is only covered with mulch is still intact, for the most part. There are no weeds, which saves time/money/energy, lots of worms, and everything under any cardboard is a bit damp, even when there is no rain for days.

All of the other tools in this list have been fairly common and are easy to find at your local hardware store. The last tool in my toolkit, the box sizer, is a tad more specialized and may need to be ordered online. But it is indispensable once you get the hang of using it. In essence, it is an adjustable tool that allows you to create even and smooth scores on cardboard. These scores then allow you to fold the cardboard wherever you need. With a box sizer you can modify boxes to fit your exact needs or even create boxes from raw cardboard. I actually use this tool far more frequently when packing sculpture, but it also often comes in handy when boxing up paintings.

Boat builders can purchase seven-by-eight foot cardboard sheets, perfect for boat building, on campus in the Chemistry Department of the Neckers Building at SIU. Sheets are $3 each and a standard boat requires about four sheets. 041b061a72


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