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Jack Edwards
Jack Edwards

[S3E6] The James Bond [2021]

Elsewhere, flaying was occurring on rabbits as well, with Osha and Meera inexplicably and unhelpfully butting heads while Jojen has a Green Dream that Jon is North of the Wall. He is, and manages to make it up despite Orell trying to get rid of him and Ygritte along the way. Their relationship escalated quickly -- from a one-night stand to an eternal bond of loyalty, with the penalty being a knob as a necklace (they really like hanging body parents from their necks in the Seven Kingdoms, don't they?)

[S3E6] The James Bond

Meanwhile, Kimiko is kidnapped and wakes up tied to a chair, side by side with Cherie, who is also bound to a chair. Frenchie is brought in and, while restrained, forced to choose who will die between the two. This is payment for his failure to fulfill his end of the bargain that saw Kimiko get medical treatment. It is one of those moments where a character was expected to die, but everyone escapes. Afterward, we get another great moment between Frenchie and Kimiko, strengthening their bond while realizing there might never be a way to outrun their past and who they are. 041b061a72


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