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Jack Edwards
Jack Edwards

StevenSlateSsd4Torrent _VERIFIED_

NOTE: this library is a work in progress and the file headers have been modified so that they are not compatible with older versions of StevenSlateSsd4. Therefore, if you use a prior version of StevenSlateSsd4Torrent you must recompile it using the headers listed above.


Download Zip:

Part of a family of StevenSlateSsd4Mac apps that optimize your MacBook's storage, StevenSlateSsd4Torrent utilizes all four of your SSD drives to offer a fast, yet efficient way to transfer large files off of your Mac, and move files onto your iCloud.

Status Valid Files Notes Id 4abd82e1-69c0-4b45-aabb-9d1f06e3d375 1105 files DID 90e0e5b7-ec5e-4cd3-a6a3-d5ce2de3f737 4 Hash d1673ae5b0f78d4e33aa66d19c0c82b9c668c03c74db8f92b2bc9c02514a746 d1673ae5b0f78d4e33aa66d19c0c82b9c668c03c74db8f92b2bc9c02514a746 SHA256 Info Added on November 16, 2012   Name StevenSlateSsd4Torrent Added on November 16, 2012   Size 1.62 GB 2.00 GB   Tracker      

stevenslatessd4torrent [![build status](]( [![license](](


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