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Discover The Beauty And Diversity Of 100 Flowers Name In Tamil With Images - Free Pdf File

cabbageworms (family endomychidae) are 1/2-inch long, 1/8-inch wide, soft bodied, narrow, brown moths with elongated abdomens. cabbageworms are often confused with aphids. adults can be distinguished by the distinctive spike-like, saucer-shaped, pinkish colored eggs with thin white wings that are laid singly and covered with a waxlike substance. cabbageworms have long front legs that can be used to burrow into the soil. they are often misidentified as aphids, because aphids also have winged and wingless forms. aphids are usually soft bodied, 2/3 to 3/4 inch long, grey or tan with black dots, and adults are light green with light orange spots. aphids reside on plant stems, underside of leaves, and cause deformities in leaves and shoots.

100 Flowers Name In Tamil Pdf Free


thrips (family thripidae) are slender, 1/12 inch to 1/2 inch long, and brown or black in color (but some are green). thrips are fast, efficient feeders that cause plant damage from the host to the young leaves and new growth. thrips may have four to seven pairs of legs. adults may be wingless or winged. winged forms may have sex organs on the ventral side of the body (figure 15). adults may be active after dark. wings typically are located on the abdominal segments close to the head. the thoracic segment may be longer than the third leg. larvae of this family usually are whitish in color and feed between the xylem and phloem tissues of host plants.

japanese beetles (family scarabaeidae) are 1/4 inch long, narrow, beige colored, tan, brown, or black in color with blue-green wings. adults may be active after dark. these beetles attack many host plants, mostly fruit, and will feed on the leaves, tender shoots, flowers, buds, and fruits. for protection, they may deposit a waxy substance on leaves. beetles of this family are often confused with aphids.


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