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Perhaps the biggest barrier to entry for those interested in cryptomining is the steep expense of mining rigs, which can cost well into the thousands of dollars. Cloud mining allows you to participate in the world of bitcoin mining without having to buy expensive hardware. Of the cloud mining operations out there, Shamining is one of the most reputable, with some 70,000 miners around the world and data centers in San Jose, California, the UK, and South Africa.


Next on our list is DiabloMiner, a Java bitcoin miner that uses an OpenCL platform and is compatible with GPU (Graphics Processing Unit. In short, your video card). The speciality of DiabloMiner is quick hashing computations, allowing the user to mine from a boundless number of pools. However, it also allows solo mining. This quick hashing software is best compatible with Mac but if you have the latest Nvidia software or ATI Stream SDK 2.1, it can run on other operating systems as well.

One of the best mining software for beginners, NiceHash provides an easy and smooth experience of mining and trading cryptocurrencies. Apart from mining, users can also remotely monitor the tasks and status of the bitcoin mining operations. From tracking profits to temperature, NiceHash is a one-stop software ideal for novices. NIceHash is gaining more and more traction as it is user-friendly and makes crypto-currency mining accessible even to the non-tech savvy population. However, NiceHash only supports bitcoin mining as of now. This is a drawback as there are other cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin and Ethereum. 041b061a72

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