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Diamond Matching Couple Rings The Right Ring is a Guide for everyone

A symbol of an eternal connection, a declaration of love encased in a present that will last forever. What do you know about it? Here's the information you'll need to make an informed purchase.

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Before you even begin to fantasize and think about the various aspects of your wedding, it's important to take into consideration one thing. The couple will need to settle down and start searching for the perfect diamond engagement rings for their better half, to amaze her like never before. How do you select the perfect diamond engagement ring? Well, there are some features you must be aware of to understand crucial technical details to make an informed choice for both the quality of the diamond and the setting. We will go over all of this, also explaining what the significance is of the various types of diamond engagement ring.

Diamond Couple Bracelets: main features

If you're considering buying a diamond ring, but you're unsure of what to look for to determine its value you must know the cut, color and quality of the stone. These characteristics are also known as the "4 Cs", which are Cut, Color Clarity and Carat. They determine the financial worth of various stones. In addition, you will also need to consider other details that make up the diamond engagement ring, including the setting and the bezel. The first could be composed from white gold, silver or other metals like pink, yellow, platinum, bicolor, or even yellow and pink.

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The bezel in which the gem is set, can be shaped differently based on the form of the diamond (round oval, square or heart-shaped or rectangular ...), and claw-shaped with points, or even have a metal edge that encircles it). The carat is the unit of measurement used to measure the diamond's weight and size. Carats equal 0.20 grams, and below that we employ "hundredths" or "points". As a percentage, the greater the weight of the diamond, the greater the size and, consequently, its diameter. But what is the price the cost of a diamond engagement ring? Prices will vary based on the above features Be cautious!

Check out the hand shape for engagement rings: we can help you choose!

Diamond engagement ring models

It is difficult to navigate the different diamond engagement ring models. Each has its own distinct features and their own meanings, always connected to love. Below is a brief description of each one.


Diamond solitaire engagement rings are a promise of eternal love They are constructed of a single stone, namely the diamond, which symbolizes the love of a single person and the vow that the two couples make to remain together forever. Solitaires are typically made of white gold with a diamond at the center. This gold and diamond solitaire by Bluespirit is a popular solitaire.


As you can guess from its name, the Trilogy is an ring that is generally constructed of gold and features three diamonds set in it. The meaning of the ring is related to love, and the idea of eternal connection. The three stones represent, in fact, the past (I loved you), the present (I love you) and the future (I will love you forever). Bliss's proposal in white-gold is beautiful and elegant.


A real promise of love. Veretta, also known as fedina or riviera is a ring that has an array of diamonds set into it. Based on the quantity of diamonds, the model of the veretta will change, and it could be five seven, nine, or until the totality of the ring. The ring is sometimes referred to Eternity or Riviera similar to the design proposed by Salvini.

If you're wondering what the ring made of 5 diamonds is called you can find the answer here. The meaning of the diamond ring is essentially connected to its circular form, which is a symbol of infinite time, and therefore the enduring bond you're hoping to create last for a lifetime. This is the same for the seven diamond riviera rings meaning, a symbolizing a bond that is insoluble.


Contrarie is distinguished by the intersection of two stones in the upper portion that resembles an embrace. The two ends of the ring could be paired or separated and still make a distinctive jewel. If you're trying to figure out the meaning of the contrarie ring, it also reflects the concept of indissolubility. The two stones symbolize the two people who meet and remain together.

Maintenance tips

It doesn't really matter whether the diamond ring small or large, but care and maintenance are crucial. The first advice is to avoid wearing the dazzling engagement ring while doing any activities that require aggressive soaps, detergents or cosmetics. The best method to maintain the ring is to clean it in hot water using a gentle soap and gently brushing it using a soft-bristled toothbrush.

It is essential to consult with a professional for any extraordinary maintenance every two years. They will apply rhodium and cleanse the diamonds and check the setting.

Before you make the major purchase, here's what you need to be aware of. Now that you've learned their meaning and secrets the only thing you need to do is pick the one that best represents your better spouse, their personality and their style. Make use of the Ring sizing tool to find your ideal size! Don't forget to make arrangements for the proposal. Are you in need of advice? Here are some ideas for giving the precious ring.


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