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Jack Edwards
Jack Edwards

Astro Spectra Cps 5.03 Rvn4183 35

2000 & 2100 Series Select 5 RSS v. R02.10.01. KIT NO. GV6011M. 17Dec1998.for:MCS2000/MTS2000.2000 Series Factory Bypass Utility : 82A02291U01 July 03, 1996.2000 SERIES FACTORY BYPASS UTILITY: 82A02291U03. This kit replaces 8202291U01 that only was made for test.This kit will Flash the following MCS2000 / MTS2000 radio models:Model no Freq PowerM01KHN9PW5BN VHF 25WM01RFN9PW5BN UHF 10WM01RHN9PW5BN UHF 25WH01KDH9PW1BN VHF 5WH01KDH9AN8BN VHF 5WH01RDH9PW1BN UHF 4WH01RDH9PW8BN UHF 4Walready programmed with: SmartNet H37 Software and Flight Number Codeplug. User RSS: MCS2000 SDVN4337A, MTS2000 SDVN4336A to latest: Flight Number Firmware.2100WOOKIELAB Field Programmer for the MOBIUS RadioSeries (Sky Walker) 2100 portables and mobiles radio with 5/6 Tone signalizing. v.R2.01beta SDVN4274A. 2100WOOKIELABBOSGERMAN VERSION.2100 Series Sky Walker RADIO UPGRADE UTILITY. SDVN4296C. 12 Jul 1996. Will do various JEDI models.2100 Series Sky Walker RADIO UPGRADE UTILITY. 19942100 Series Sky Walker RADIO UPGRADE UTILITYLABPOL 1995.( Polish version). MOTOROLA 2100 SERIES SKYWALKER RADIO UPGRADE MT2100 SERIES FuG RADIO BYPASS UTILITY vSDVN4357C. Upgrades the FuG radios from version 8202260u01t4 & 8202260u02 to version 8202260u03 to provide the latest features. UTILITY R06.11.00. LAB VERSION. 07MARCH1995. ( NOW YOU CAN : BOOTSTRAP/PROG INTERNAL EEPROM/PROG EXTERNAL/FLASH RADIO/CHANGE MODEL NUMBER/CHANGE SERIAL NUMBER/FLASH NEW APPLICATION TO RADIO! )PCONPLUSLAB v 02.35KBFLASHTOOL for jedi radios: sabersi/astrop&m/spectraii/reneissance/closedradios.ROSRADSTERRADIOEXERCISERLAB v D1.79. 22JAN93. for jedi radio with open architecture:mt2xxx/mtsxxx/gp1200.ROOSTERFOR JEDI MODELSLABchanges serial and model numbers(esn), splits archives into int/ext codeplugs, hexeditor.ASTROLAB Series RSS for Portables. v.B03.04.00. 22 Sept.1993.ASTRO SP LAB, Portables, SP03.04.01. September 20, 1998. ASTRO Series RSS v.R05.00.05. 03 June 1997.ASTRO Series RSS v.R06.50.00. 14 July 1998.ASTRO series R07.50.00. 15 April 1999.ASTRO Series RSS R08.00.00 15 Oct.1999.ASTRO Series RSS R08.05.00 2000. KIT.NO. RVN4100.ASTRO Series RSS R09.01.00 29 May 2001.ASTRO Series RSS R09.03.00 2002. ASTRO Series RSS R09.03.00 2002 CRACKED (ALLOWS 16 TRS SCAN MEMEBERS)ASTRO Series RSS R09.04.00 6 JUNE 2002ASTRO SERIES RSS R09.05.00.Sept. 06. 2002.ASTRO DIU.R07.01.18. RVN4053N. RSS FOR THE ASTRO DIGITAL INTERFACE UNIT 24OCT2001ASTRO DIU.R07.01.21. RVN4033Q. RSS FOR THE ASTRO DIGITAL INTERFACE UNIT 24NOV2002ASTRO SP01.01.01. 1995 moded: allows programming a high UHF (450520) Astro down to about 420 or so MHz.ASTROTAC comparator v50.21. june 3. 1996. kit number rvn5003d.ASTROTAC 3000 comparator. r03.08.00. dec.12. 2000.C200 Series Deskset. v01.00.00. 1999.CENTRACOM SERIES II PLUS RADIO SERVICE SOFTWARE V.R09.05.02. 10.OCT.1996. FOR: SMARTNET I AND II, CONVENTIONAL, MDC, ASTRO, SMART PHONE 68000 SYSTEMS. CODEPLUGS (Collection of Code Plugs for Motorola Radios).COMMAND PLUS R03.00.02 RVN4112C.COMMAND PLUS R03.07.00 RVN4112ECOMMAND STARCONSOLESYSTEM DATA BASE MANAGER (CSDM).v.SR1.COMMANDSTARLITECONSOLESYSTEM ( CSDM ) V.SR1 MCL 321193319SR1 COMMAND STAR LITE SYSTEM DATABASE MANAGER LITE.COMMUNICATION LINK SOFTWARE v.4.09. 1993 by Motorola Inc. COMPAC RADIO ( SYNTOR X ), R01.00.05. 18 SEP. 1990. MOTOROLA AUSTRALIA. AVN6013A. COMTEGRA CONSOLE R01.0.18. 12 June 1996 RVN4149A.Motorola Controller Acess Software trunk terminals. System Configuration Data Base and Terminal. Call the Controllers over the phone line or by direct wireline.

astro spectra cps 5.03 rvn4183 35


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