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AMT Emulator V0.9.2 By PainteR

this is a browser plugin for amt metasploit framework by painter version 0.9.2 - build 1379 released on dec 1, 2014 download source download latest version documentation changelog tutorial emulator screenshot

AMT Emulator v0.9.2 by PainteR

  • alu opcode emulation is now faster

  • blu opcode emulation is now faster

  • customized input/output of the cpu registers

  • added a new debugger for the cpu which shows the status of the cpu registers and the cpu pipeline

  • added a new emulatore of the alu of the cpu

  • split the cpu into two different emulatores (cpu0 and cpu1)

  • added a debugger for the alu of the cpu and the cpu pipeline (alu debugger)

  • improved the audio emulation

this project implements an emulator for the apple ii, the apple iii, and the apple ///, using the sprites ii graphics card, the aritech sound card, the standard 4 kb of ram, and the (mostly) standard apple ii keyboard. the emulation is done on a raspberry pi 2 using an sd card. see the project's github page.

it is now possible to use the amt emulator to store a large number of different scenarios. the bnsf scenario is provided by amt-bnsf, but many scenarios are supported. a tool to select a scenario is provided. for more information on the emulator, see amt home page

it is possible to use the emulator to analyze the dynamics of a model. you can choose a scenario and then run the simulation. the simulation is stopped when the train passes a given point. then the state variables are collected and saved in a text file, and some statistics are computed.


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